Illustrator software gives graphic designers, illustrators and amateur artists the ability to create and edit illustrations directly on a computer. By going paperless, artists can use the wide variety of creative features on powerful graphics software tools to create more precise, compelling art. Much more sophisticated than the paint function on every computer, illustrator software creates resolution-independent vector images, which are ideal for creating logos, web graphics or other illustrations that may need to be drastically resized. 

Jika Anda baru menggunakan Adobe Illustrator, Anda mungkin akan bertanya dalam hati apa yang menjadi tawaran besar software ini. Banyak orang yang kompeten menggunakan Photoshop dan program lain untuk membuat grafis cetak, web comps, dan banyak jenis proyek lainnya.

What is illustration? A picture is worth a thousand words.
An illustration tells you a story, visually represents an idea, conveys a message, delivers information, offers a visual accompaniment to text, etc it does something.

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