As per FMI (Nourishment Promoting Establishment), the average supermarket in the USA holds around 40,000 different things.

Anda membuat suatu merk atau barang, tapi tidak ada inspirasi untuk mendesain bagaimana kemasan barang anda? Hal yang mudah bukan. Pikiran pertama anda pastinya adalah mencari inspirasi di internet. Tapi satu hal yang menjadi masalah, setelah lama mencari kenapa belum juga menemukan inspirasi yang berguna? Terlalu banyak pilihan situs-situs di Internet memang dapat membingungkan dan membuang waktu saja.

Product packaging, as a graphic design discipline, is an industry itself. This demanding design area requires more than a good eye, so let's see exactly what makes and cracks great packaging design.

The main purpose of packaging are to hold its contents securely to prevent leakage and breakage, to protect the foods from different hazzard like germs, heat, moisture loss or moisture pick up, etc. To protect the contents while distribution, etc. For all types of packaging, there are different types of packages.

It’s funny that a few years ago, people were all over the new packaging material, plastic. The consumers thought this is the wonder material, the material that’s great for the environment. It’s cheap to produce, easy to work with, and it doesn’t hurt any trees! It was during the time where trees were being cut down indiscriminately; so people were happy that plastic was used for packaging and not paper in order to save the trees. Plastic was believed to be the material that can save Mother Earth.

What is packaging design?

Packaging design can be viewed in four different ways:

  • a means of protecting the contents of a package.
  • a contributor to the cost of the end product.
  • a sales canvas on which to promote the product's  benefits and attributes .
  • a part of the product experience itself.

Look at my packaging design!

Key factor in aiding standout is having recognisable, simple icons-- things that stand out even without looking directly at them. These icons can be called 'visual equities'. There are a number of tools you can use to create visual equity and thereby improve standout:

Packaging is all about promoting your product and how well it's done is critical to sales success. While the primary function of food packaging is to protect your product, the primary function of food packaging design is to attract. Your package is your brand ambassador - it should sell itself. If you don't want to see your products languishing on the shelves, give them a critical appraisal with the following points in mind.

Stiker atau label yang Anda desain dapat menjadi tambahan yang bagus untuk portfolio. Label adalah bagian penting dalam paket desain, sebuah industri yang berkembang.

Mendesain kemasan bisa terlihat menakutkan pada pandangan pertama, tetapi itu tidak perlu seperti itu. Beberapa desain yang paling efektif didasarkan pada template sangat sederhana.

Today's packaging should be more than just a protection for products, but also be practical, environmentally-friendly and, of course, attractively designed. Packaging designs can dramatically increase the value and desirability of a product. Every year, new packaging trends emerge as consumers begin to favor certain design elements. Keeping up with these trends can help ensure your products stay in high demand.