Sekarang ini, internet telah berhasil membuka mata masyarakat akan kehadiran sebuah dunia baru di mana adanya interaksi baru, tempat pemasaran baru dan jaringan yang tak terbatas. Perkembangan internet ini tentu tidak dilewatkan oleh para pelaku bisnis.

Whether it's never-ending posts from annoying "friends" with verbal diarrhea, or repetitive links to moronic survey sites, the fact of the matter is that sometimes spending time on Facebook is more irritating than productive.

Lama tak terdengar gaungnya, Yahoo Messenger (YM) kini tampil dengan layanan baru. Aplikasi chat tertua ini rupanya tak mau kalah saing dengan kepopuleran instan messanger lainnya seperti whatsApp, Line, atau Facebook Messenger.


Perubahan psikologi : Mengapa kita bereaksi ketika jejaring sosial bergeser Instagram mengubah logonya bulan lalu, dan dengan beberapa perubahan signifikan ke jejaring sosial populer, internet terpecah. Beberapa menyukai itu, dan yang lain tidak. Dan meme maupun komentar mulai bertebaran.

Social media has become an integral part of modern society. Nowadays, one can no longer imagine how to catch up with friends and contacts without social networking. Social networking helped us become closer to our friends, even when they are a thousand miles away. Through the World Wide Web, we are able to connect with people from around the world, making it easy to keep in touch with friends and family. Social networking now is a billion dollar industry, but we can barely remember when it didn’t exist.


Whether it's never-ending posts from annoying "friends" with verbal diarrhea, or repetitive links to moronic survey sites, the fact of the matter is that sometimes spending time on Facebook is more irritating than productive.

The awful news is that Facebook's calculations to determine what appears in your News Feed are a firmly guarded secret. The social media giant simply says, "The stories that show in your News Feed are influenced by your connections and activity on Facebook."

Be that as it may, there is trust you have the power to change a couple of settings in the engine.

In a matter of minutes, we can help make Facebook additionally interesting to you again with some clever ways to change what appears in your News Feed. Read our five simple steps underneath to ensure what you see when you next log in is more relevant to you.

1. "Unfollow" annoying people

The quickest and most straightforward approach to stop seeing irritating posts from Facebook friends is to unfollow them. This implies you stay Facebook friends, yet won't get any more content from them in your News Feed.

It's an incredible device you don't need to offend people by unfriending them, however you don't need to see their shiz any longer.

To unfollow somebody, simply click on the drop-down arrow in the top-right corner of one of his or her posts, and select "Unfollow [Name]."

Alternatively, go to the individual's profile page and click on the "Following" button at the base right corner of his or her cover photo.

Give it a go. It's truly satisfying what might as well be called telling people to "zip it."

2. Avoid content from certain Pages

You can likewise avoid seeing posts from particular Facebook Pages. This is valuable on the off chance that you have friends who continually share content from, and you can't stand to see another survey about what kind of breakfast cereal they'd be or what their mystical pixie name is.

When you see a post from a Page you're not interested in seeing content from, hit that same top-right arrow and select the "Conceal all from [Name]" option. Despite everything you'll see your companion's different posts, yet the content will blissfully stop.

3. Tell Facebook which posts bug you

You can "tell" Facebook which sorts of posts you need to see fewer of in the future. Whether it's friends tagged in strangers' photos, location-based registration or links to articles you couldn't think less about, you can flag the content as uninteresting, and you'll see less of it next time you log in.

To do this on any post you're not interested in, simply click on that drop-down arrow and select "I would prefer not to see this." Hypothetically if Facebook's secret sauce lives up to expectations on the off chance that you click a virtual "forget about it" to enough photo label posts, for example, you won't need to witness your college mate's bar crawls each and every weekend.

4. Take Facebook's survey

Facebook knows folks are getting ticked off with what they find in their stream, and it needs to help. You can take a short survey to improve what appears in your News Feed.

Click the drop-down arrow at the top-right corner on any post in your News Feed and select "More Options." Then pick "Take a survey to improve News Feed."

You'll then have 15 screens to click through and give a rating with a specific end goal to again, in principle improve your future Facebook experience. It's justified regardless of an attempt, right? We tried it out and it does appear to uproot a percentage of the more spammy posts we used to see yet perhaps our all the more annoying friends are simply having a tranquil couple of weeks.

5. Deal with your News Feed preferences

Finally, you can deal with your News Feed Preferences by means of Facebook's main settings menu. To get to this, click on the drop-down arrow at the top-right of your Home Page and select "News Feed Preferences."

From here you can see a summary of your most viewed content, see who you've unfollowed, and recap on Pages and Groups that show you content.