• Advertising Plan Activities for Your Business

    One of the main difficulties faced by any entrepreneur is that advertising has changed and evolved over the last few years. It now includes audio, visual and electronic media. Website programming of all sorts allows you to interact with your customers.

  • Bagaimana mengefektifkan Call to Action?

    Jika Anda memiliki sebuah website terutama website bisnis, tentunya Anda membutuhkan "Call to action".

  • Boost Sales with 9 Steps Ecommerce

    There are a lot of tools that make it easy to sell products online however only through testing and experience would you be able to really realize what works for your online customers, and gets them coming back to your online store much of the time.

  • Great Viral Video Ads

    Brands have always made videos. They used to be called TV commercials. But in the age of YouTube a new genre has emerged, where videos are created more for the internet than for TV, and where sharing and virality are key to success. Some of these videos start out as commercials, but some never run on TV at all. Lately some of these viral videos have started becoming really, really good. Not just good by the standards of a TV commercial, but actually good, with first-rate cinematography and storytelling.

  • How Important Is Word of Mouth To Your Business Advertising? And How Do You Get It?

    It's what every marketer wants- boatloads of customers talking about its products, posting detailed reviews online and tweeting about its brand far and wide. And for good reason: Authentic recommendations from a friend or "someone like me" are far more influential than anything a marketer can buy. In a world dominated by social networks, consumer buzz can make a brand stand out amidst the noise and reap real- world profits. When it comes to swaying consumers, nothing beats word of mouth. That’s because, 92 percent of people trust recommendations from friends and family above all other forms of advertising when making a purchase decision

  • Iklan di Media Sosial Lebih Ampuh Daripada Iklan di Mesin Pencarian

    Jika tadinya para pelaku bisnis berbondong-bondong untuk beriklan di mesin pencarian, kini mereka berpaling ke media sosial.

  • Importance of a Good Design in Advertising

    Advertising is the techniques and practices used to bring products, services, opinions, or causes to public notice for the purpose of persuading the public to respond in a certain way toward what is advertised. The key elements that help us to bring out advertising include graphics, message, colors, photos, videos and animations.

  • Make Your Advertising Message Stick in Viewer's Mind

    A simple advertising campaign can cost thousands of dollars. Done right, it can lead to tens of thousands of dollars in increased sales and enhanced brand equity. Done wrong it can lead to the loss of revenue and even jobs. One of the simplest—and often most neglected—strategies for making more from an ad campaign is message testing.

  • Newspaper and Magazine Advertising Still a Viable Option

    Is newspaper or magazine advertising is a sure-fire way of achieving enquiries and sales? It’s tempting to think; ‘place an advert, and they’ll come’. Unfortunately the reality is very different. Look through that same newspaper and think about how many adverts are actually noticed. Of those noticed, how many are read and subsequently acted upon? Very little. Especially with the use of cheap and easy online advertising.

  • Outdoor Advertising : Billboard Tips

    Billboards are large advertising structures placed alongside busy roads to be noticed by drivers and passing pedestrians. It is sometimes called hoarding in other parts of the world. The billboards could attract pedestrians not only because they are large but also due to the variety of designs that it posses. It gives a designer so much room for customizing by using extensions and embellishments. No doubt, billboards are one of the best ways of reaching a large number of people in your area. A boring billboard will be ignored. A smart billboard will grab the attention and leave a lasting impression. 

  • Panduan Untuk Anda yang Ingin Memulai Beriklan di Facebook dan Twitter

    Menggunakan koneksi sosial untuk mempromosikan website Anda adalah sebuah jalan sempurna untuk menarik perhatian prospek baru.

  • Public Transportation Ads Opportunities

    Where do you advertise when you want to reach everybody? Public tranportation advertising, placement of print ads on buses and other vehicles and in bus shelters and train stations is an important medium for reaching an audience of all ages, backgrounds and incomes. You are not just addressing riders with these "moving billboards." You are reaching families and professionals in their vehicles, students shopping or right on campus, and tourists finding their way around town.

  • Step by Step Advertise Your Business

    Business promotion is an integral component of any kind of business's success, as it is via promo that a business broadens its customer/client base and opens up brand-new home windows of possibility. There are a lot of ways to market a business, and each varies in regards to time, labor and expenses.

  • Tips for Advertise The New Business

    Word of mouth is excellent small business advertising – but it’s slow, and may be practically non-existent for new businesses. If you want to grow your customer base more quickly, you have to advertise. Marketing and advertising is an investment, not an expense.

  • Tips For Advertisers To Go Viral On Social Media

    As social media usage increases month over month, marketers have found a way to use these popular sites as channels for promotion. For small business owners, the complex ecosystem of social media advertising can be difficult to navigate. For every success story there are hundreds, if not thousands, of small business frustrated by their attempts to attract customers through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Foursquare, Pinterest, etc.

  • Tips for Effective Interactive Video Advertising

    Companies, be it small or large are getting inclined to produce online videos for advertisements. Many owners simple create an online video ad and litter it on their websites. As a business owner, you have a limited advertising budget so you want to make absolutely sure that you're using your money effectively. Many marketers wrongly believe in the process of making a video ad. They think that the process is tedious, complicated and most importantly expensive. They hold a false belief that you need to have high tech equipments and components to create video ads. This is completely wrong. Creating video ads need not be expensive as well as complicated.

  • Tips For More Clickable Banner Ads

    Banner ads are one of the most prolific forms of marketing used in today’s online world. All companies use them in one form or another because they’re an affordable, measurable and effective medium to increase brand awareness – and there’s a lot of design work out there for them.

  • Tips for Powerful Print Advertising

    Over the last decade, there has been a significant reduction in the popularity of print media advertising. The free and low costs option of internet marketing and advertising has made it a more attractive option for many business owners who are working hard to cut costs without sacrificing their outreach efforts. While this is understandable, print media advertising is still a valuable marketing tool for reaching out to people who either do not have internet access or opt not to participate in social networks. Social networks are mentioned specifically because this is the most popular form of internet advertising.

  • Tips for Your Business Advertising on Social Media

    For local business owners, the intricate ecosystem of social media advertising and marketing can be difficult to browse. For each excellence tale and there are plenty there are hundreds, otherwise thousands, of small business irritated by their efforts to bring in consumers with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare, Pinterest, and so on.

  • Typography in Advertising Design

    Combining and choosing fonts is an art. Fonts aren’t always easy to work with, but once you pull off the right typefaces, it can really help make your graphics stand out and can often be the most powerful element in your design. In today’s world advertisement plays very important role for a product or company to be successful- the advertisement must deliver a powerful message which attracts the consumer’s attention. By using effective typography in print ads you can convey a powerful message. In this roundup we have collected some awesome print ads using typography.

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