• Mendesain undangan pernikahan bisa menjadi hal yang menakutkan. Gaya apa yang akan dipilih, font mana yang digunakan, warna elegan atau mencolok?

  • Tampilan web menjadi hal yang mempengaruhi seseorang untuk tetap tinggal atau berpaling dari website Anda. Tetapi bukan hanya soal tampilan saja, tetapi web haruslah memiliki nilai fungsional dari apa yang sudah didesain.

  • Christopher Phin selects the best apps on the off chance that you require your iPad to be a true designer's tool. The iPad can be an incredible tool for designers, however like any tool you need to know how to use it well before you take full advantage of it.

  • As per FMI (Nourishment Promoting Establishment), the average supermarket in the USA holds around 40,000 different things.


    Ketika sedang memenuhi tenggat waktu dan beban kerja yang berat, tugas-tugas seperti merekam action Photoshop atau membaca poin-poin dari PPI tidak tepat untuk menjadi sebuah prioritas.

  • Very nearly everybody has designed a poster or pamphlet eventually. Whether it was for self-promotion or a client, posters can be a fun approach to present a message and do some interesting things with design.

  • Web designer merupakan pekerjaan yang cukup rumit namun menantang karena Anda harus mampu memenuhi keinginan klien dengan target pengguna. Belum lagi ia harus membuat tampilan web terlihat semakin cantik dengan kombinasi unsur-unsur visual.

  • Annual report design should harness the report’s full marketing potential and offer shareholders insight into your vision for the future. There are many considerations when designing an annual report: the choice of cover, the paper type, the binding, what the charts and graphs look like and use of typography. All are important factors that together form the basis of a successful annual report. Annual reports are a crucial document for both commercial companies and not-for-profit organisations. They are a public statement of key achievements over the past year, and are used to show clients and stakeholders how the business is performing. For this reason it’s vital that annual reports are professional, compelling and memorable.

  • Adobe Illustrator may be the world's most loved vector design tool despite the fact that it's been getting a few serious competition generally from Affinity Designer (which is at present on unique offer) yet there's no iOS version, so on the off chance that you need to do some vector work progressing you'll need to discover something else.


    There are so many great examples of UI design on the web that some may think it's easy to create an attractive, easy to use interface. But as any web designer worth their salt will know, it's anything but. In fact, it's often the biggest challenge facing any web design project. This article it will provide you with some of the most beautiful and useful collection of the best Flat PSD UI kits for 2013 – 2014. Microsoft, Google and now even Apple is following the design trend “Flat Design”. The best thing about these is that all of them are free of cost and easy to use.

  • Anda membuat suatu merk atau barang, tapi tidak ada inspirasi untuk mendesain bagaimana kemasan barang anda? Hal yang mudah bukan. Pikiran pertama anda pastinya adalah mencari inspirasi di internet. Tapi satu hal yang menjadi masalah, setelah lama mencari kenapa belum juga menemukan inspirasi yang berguna? Terlalu banyak pilihan situs-situs di Internet memang dapat membingungkan dan membuang waktu saja.

  • If you’re sending calendars off to clients and potential connections, you have to remember that this is an ideal opportunity for you to ensure that your brand is at the front of their mind for the whole year. The last thing you want to do is to send off a boring calendar consisting of the same generic corporate images that will make your brand forgettable. You want your calendar to stand out and hold people’s attention. Calendars are available commercially in a variety of sizes and designs. Looking for some calendar design inspiration? Then look no further as we reveal a host of inspirational designs for the new year.

  • Product packaging, as a graphic design discipline, is an industry itself. This demanding design area requires more than a good eye, so let's see exactly what makes and cracks great packaging design.

  • A professional guidance to creating unforgettable visual information.

    An award-winning of The information designer Valentina D'Efilippo, the woman behind some of the best infographics around (including those pictured above) giving her best tips for building a data visualisation from scratch – and then how to elevate the design from good to great. We caught up with D'Efilippo after her infographics masterclass at D&AD Festival 2018.

  • Digital design has turned into a popular trade which almost anyone can learn. In any case, digital design is an umbrella term which incorporates all sorts of work like advertising banners, website layouts, motion graphics and obviously icon design.

  • How to select a perfect color combination is indeed a difficult task if you have no experience with colors. Nonetheless, having a basic knowledge of how certain types of colors can help your graphic design/web design look professional and extremely legible is very important for all kinds of web publishers or graphic designer, from the noivice to the more experienced type.

  • Search giant Google has done exactly what we predicted - presented a new logo design and branding.


    Color selection is a process by which designers match together shades of colors. This process is used in every creative business from web designers to inside decorators. While color selection is fairly point by point, you additionally need to consider the color space used when selecting these colors.

  • In this tutorial we are going to create a cube net using a portion of the considerable functions in InDesign, including brilliant aides, X and Y positioning, and the tallness and width content fields.


    Social media is the way to any website's notoriety. Exploiting the psychological sensation known as social confirmation, social shares incredibly impact whether individuals read substance or share sharing it themselves. That is the reason social media buttons are on for all intents and purposes each page that you run over on the Internet.