• Great Viral Video Ads

    Brands have always made videos. They used to be called TV commercials. But in the age of YouTube a new genre has emerged, where videos are created more for the internet than for TV, and where sharing and virality are key to success. Some of these videos start out as commercials, but some never run on TV at all. Lately some of these viral videos have started becoming really, really good. Not just good by the standards of a TV commercial, but actually good, with first-rate cinematography and storytelling.

  • Tips for Effective Interactive Video Advertising

    Companies, be it small or large are getting inclined to produce online videos for advertisements. Many owners simple create an online video ad and litter it on their websites. As a business owner, you have a limited advertising budget so you want to make absolutely sure that you're using your money effectively. Many marketers wrongly believe in the process of making a video ad. They think that the process is tedious, complicated and most importantly expensive. They hold a false belief that you need to have high tech equipments and components to create video ads. This is completely wrong. Creating video ads need not be expensive as well as complicated.

  • Typography in Music Videos

    Typography in motion is a perfect suitable for the modern-day music video. It's excellent way for artists to connect in a type that allows verses ahead to life. Check these some Music Videos that use typography.

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